Fit Fanny Adams

Fit Fanny Adams is a philosophy and exercise approach designed to best serve today's modern woman.

We specialise in the core and understanding that how the body moves is as important as just getting it moving! Designed specifically for all women, our concept is suitable and strengthening for any age and ability.

Our approach:

  • Restores the natural breathing pattern
  • Effectively engages and strengthens the core
  • Supports and strengthens the pelvic floor
  • Tones and strengthens the whole body
  • Improves balance
  • Heightens body awareness
  • Support hormonal balance

Our passion is to empower you to restore and strengthen your core, to ultimately improve your overall health, fitness and wellness.


Our clients range from 20 to 75+ years . They can be high performance athletes, pregnant or new mums but most usually they are just women (and some men) who want to be strong, healthy and better connected with their body. They are also often people who have struggled with a traditional exercise approach. This may be due to stress, back pain, pelvic organ prolapse, a weak pelvic floor, hysterectomy, rectus diastasis (separation of abdominal muscles), fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions. As one client perfectly described it ... "I just want to feel like me again!”.


Because I fundamentally believe that being fit and healthy is so much more than just a gym fix. We take for granted the experiences our body's have been through or are preparing for; pregnancy, child brith, motherhood etc, and too often forget to ensure that the core is restored and functionally before placing higher loads and demands on to it.

Hormone balance, stress, nutrition, posture, breathing, strength and flexibility are essential components of a fit, healthy body. Today's hectic lifestyles, the images of what we should look like and the pressure of high intensity exercise routines can be detrimental to our bodies and minds! Despite all good intentions, can cause incontinence, back pain, weight gain (yes, unbalanced exercise can cause fat storage!).

Focusing on how we move, becomes so much more important as we age. We learn to strengthen from the inside.


Offering a variety of classes and personal restoration sessions, we have something for everyone. We are changing our business to continue running our classes online in addition to live in the studio once we are able to return there.

Being an ex-triathlete, kitesurfer, mountain biker, paddle boarder and busy mum, I understand the need for exercise to deliver more than just a work out.I take pride in enabling you to peel back the layers and enable you to achieve your goals.